Projects in Production:

FF One More Shot (UK Shoot) Safety Stunt Coordinator / Utility Stunts
The Experiment (UK Shoot) Rig Stunt Coordinator
TV Romeo. Hotel.11 (UK Shoot) – Stunt Coordinator / Fight Choreographer
MV Robin In The Hood – Stunt Coordinator / Rig Coordinator
FF Azrael (Estonia Shoot) – Assistant Stunt Coordinator / Rig Coordinator
FF Boudica (UK Shoot) – Stunt Performer


AD DelCore (Copenhagen Shoot) Stunt Coordinator / Rigs Coordinator
MV Twinn – Runaway – Stunt Coordinator / Fight Choreographer
MV Atreyu – Watch Me Burn Stunt Coordinator / Fire Stunt Double
AD Denmark Road Safety Precision Driver


FF T.I.M (UK Shoot) – Vehicle Stunt Coordiantor / Key Stunt Rigger / Precision Driver
FF The Gates – Stunt Double
FF Who We Love – Additional Stunt Coordinator
FF The Last Duel – Stunt Performer
SF Boxed In – Stunt Coordinator / Fight Choreographer
FF I Never Cry –                      Stunt Coordinator
FF Who We Love –                    Additional Stunt Coordinator
FF The Rhythm Section –        Stunt Performer
FF Avengement –                     Stunt Performer / Stunt Rigger
FF Reunion 3 – Stunt Rigger / Stunt Performer
FF Black 47 –                            Stunt Performer
SF Brakelight –                          Stunt Coordinator
SF Taking Stock –                      Stunt Coordinator
FF Kissing Candice –                Precision Driver
FF The Cured –                         Stunt Performer
FF Kill Ratio –                           Stunt Performer
FF I.T. –                                   Precision Driver
FF Teraa Surroor –                   Precision Driver
FF 13 Hours –                           Precision Driver
FF My Name is Emily –             Utility Stunts
FF Spiders Trap –                     Stunt Double / Stand In Stunt Coordinator
FF The Surprise –                     Stunt Rigger
SF The First Wave –                  Stunt Performer
SF Berserk –                             Utility Stunts
SF Calibre –                              Stunt Performer


TV Sharar (Saudi Arabia) – Fight Choreographer
TV Valhalla (Season 1-3) – Stunt Performer
TV FBI – (Saudi TV)                Stunt Performer / Stunt Rigger
TV Downtown (Lebanon) – Stunt Coordinator / Stunt Driver / Stunt Rigger / Stunt Performer
TV The Role (Dor El Omor) – Stunt Coordinator / Stunt Performer
TV Vikings – (Season 1-6) –      Stunt Double / Stunt Performer
TV Into The Badlands –            Stunt Double / Performer / Precision Driver / Rigger (Core Team Season 2+3)
TV Resistance –                       Stunt Performer
TV Ripper Street –                    Stunt Performer
Penny Dreadful –                 Stunt Double / Performer / Rigger (Core Team Seasons 1 – 3)
TV Éirí Amach Amú –                 Stunt Performer
TV Can’t Touch This –                Utility Stunts
TV Rebellion –                           Stunt Performer
TV Game of Thrones –              Stunt Performer / Utility Stunts (Season 4 + 5)
TV Barney Bunion –                   Utility Stunts
TV Rebellion –                           Stunt Performer
TV The Widower –                     Stunt Rigger
TV Camelot –                            Stunt Performer
TV Heist –                                 Stunt Performer
TV Feud –                                 Stunt Performer